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Living in shitty ol' Dallas, Texuhs. Boring fuck. Hypocrite. Insignificant. .... "Fashion" Blog ---> my-type-of-style.tumblr.com Yeah, I obviously don't know how to link other blogs on here. Oh well.
~If you get tattoos just because they are “in”/”look cool”, and have no significant meaning to you, then please stick your hand in a running blender, now.

"Get tattoos for passion not fashion" 

I just want a boyfriend who:
  •  Is into the same music as me (a must!)
  •  loves/respects the Kardashians/Jenners as much as I do, also their show; Keeping Up With Kardashians.
  • oh and other shows like American Dad, That 70’s Show, and The Girls Next Door.. Uhmm.. and scary movies, especially classics like Friday The 13th
  • someone who is not a jealous mother fucker [ew]
  • loves/has tattoos
  •  has same beliefs as me
  • enjoys adventures
  •  loves the beach
  • accepts the fact that I am in love with Shia LaBeouf, Michael Cera, James Franco, Chris Mintz Plasse, and Alex Koehler. (not in this particular order)
  •  wants to help homeless people as much as I do
  •  is a clean freak like myself (can’t deal with no messy/unsanitary person)
  •  is not a complete slob
  •  loves going to concerts
  •  will make fun of people with me
  • is trusting, HONEST, humble, loyal
  • and so many more things, I am just too tired already to point them all out. 

But I mean, is this too much to ask for??


Oh well.

Friday the 13th

Got my small heart tattoo I’ve been wanting! I HAD to get the number ‘13’ incorporated in it somehow so I could get the special they had for Friday the 13th, and I got it inside the heart in red, so when ever/IF I ever fall in love, I can just cover it up since I will get it shaded in red<3 But for now I have to deal with the ‘13’ in my heart. I mean, I don’t mind it at all since somedaywhen/IF I fall in love it will get covered up anyways and I am a HUGE FAN of the Friday the 13th movies, so it’s all good.
P.S., I’ve never been in love before, so this is kinda of a big deal c: